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5 tips how to ease the morning routine

Since the beginning of the school year, your apartment again reminds the battlefield with heaps of textbooks and stationery scattered everywhere. Yesterday you sat on the pen and aquarium fish tried to chew an eraser been there?

Moreover, school morning is the worst part of your day, isnt it? Nagging children, who dont wanna wake up early, happy dog getting in your way, scattered clothes, and finally, you rushing around like a scalded cat in order to get everything in order. It's time to end this!

There are parents among our employees, as well, and they have to deal with morning problems. Therefore, SafeSpace offers you several helpful tips that will help you and us to minimize the stress of the school year.

1. Back to the routine little by little

We can easily fall out of the routine for just a couple of days off, and not to mention 2-3 months of summer vacation. So you should think over how to arrange the habitual routine of the school year for one to two weeks before classes begin. Thus, the child (and parents) will have enough time to adapt themselves, and perhaps the first month of the school year will be much easier.

2. Make a schedule

To simplify your routine set out a weekly schedule for the whole family. Mark with color particularly important items, use funny stickers, and engage your children to make the schedule. In addition, you can use an incentive scheme and highlight the achievements and successes of your children: for the homework made in time, for help with the housework, etc. Thus, children will be involved in the process more willingly and feel responsible for what they do.

3. Do not try to solve everything overnight

You may not realize how much has to be done in a single morning before you send your children to school: you have to pack the school bags and food, clean shoes, iron school uniforms the list is endless. The best thing you can do to prevent the morning chaos is to check if the children are ready to school in the evening. This simple method will save you much time and keep nerves so that you may even have time for a morning cup of coffee.

4. Careful attention to the school kit

Make sure your kids have everything they need: notebooks, pens, folders, and other stationery. Its not cheap to prepare a child for a school year, so it is better to do it in advance. Pay attention to various clearance sales before the beginning of the school year. The set shopping list will help you not to miss anything.

5. Take care of meals

Not every child wants to eat food offered in a school canteen: its quality and taste sometimes leaves much to be desired. Some students buy food in the buttery, other parents give money to their children so that they can buy something after school. However, in this case you can hardly control what your children eat outside. And the only way to ensure them more or less healthy diet is to pack school lunches and offer a nutritious breakfast at home. Be sure that your child gets the necessary energy for the body and food for brain which is enough for most of the day.

The encouragement of such habits from an early age will help your children to follow them later on. Easy approach to morning duties will let your children to take school with enthusiasm or at least a little bit easier.

Another way to tune in the study is to create the appropriate conditions in your apartment. Do you have summer sports equipment: rollers, bicycles, and rackets? Then SafeSpace offers to rent a self storage box and keep their all sports equipment. In addition, storage services are useful for old textbooks and school uniforms which you are not ready to get rid of.

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