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6 ideas on how to make your kitchen comfortable

The kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the place where you relax after a hard day with a cup of tea or coffee, where your friends gather together long winter evenings and remember fun summer adventures, where your mom meets you with something yummy.

The only problem which sooner or later faces many of us is an abundance of things that interfere with warm conversation and comfortable cooking. First you put numerous gadgets, bits and kits that you will never use, napkins, plates, and cups for a while, but they gradually fill the space in your kitchen so that it lose its function.

Carefully inspect the place where you used to cook and eat maybe, it's time to clear the space. SafeSpace continues a series of helpful tips on the home improvement. This time well tell you about the kitchen.  

1. Find the most popular spots in the kitchen

First note the places where you collect most things that are usually useless in the kitchen. They can be cabinets and shelves, pantries and even a refrigerator. On the shelves there are often open products that we will not use any more, we pile them without any logic and order. Often we use kitchen cabinets to store personal belongings. Therefore, before you begin to put your kitchen in order you need to define the most cluttered spots.

2. Do not run into the ground

Once you have defined the most cluttered areas start cleaning, but dont overdo otherwise you can burn out. Pay close attention to the shelves and their contents: old containers, broken pots, scratched pans, tableware, which you no longer use. Feel free to throw out all that junk and soon you will enjoy a lot of free space.

3. Put your counters in order

Counters are one of the main surfaces where we collect the most trash: all kinds of "necessary" papers, mail and documents, appliances, trinketry and other trifles. Find a new permanent place for your mail. On the kitchen table, you should keep only the appliances you need constantly. If you use some of them only from time to time put them in the closet. Then leave only the most beloved trinketry on the tables and you will be surprised how comfortable and free your counters are.

4. Declutter the drawers

Probably, everyone has such a box full of stuff, old utensils, appliances and even things that do not fit the kitchen at all. If you have such a box you will have to make some effort to put it in order. Throw out everything that you will not use any more and have other things shelved. Now you can use the box for convenient storage of kitchen utensils.

5. Lets go to the cupboards

One of the most difficult tasks is to declutter the cupboards. Cups, plates, pots, pans, kitchen towels, cooking accessories can quickly accumulate; however, we usually use just two or three things. Set a goal to put a single cupboard in order at a time. Thus you will not get tired. Make three or four different piles where you will put things out of the cupboard: keep, donate, throw away, use, etc. If you find utensils that you no longer use but do not want to throw them out for some reason then rent a box in SafeSpace its the perfect solution for storing your kitchen utensils.

6. Finally fridge

When you declutter the kitchen you can easily lose sight of the refrigerator. At first glance, there is nothing useless. However, you can make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable by doing the following steps.

1.    Clear out expired food.

2.    Put closer to the wall larger products, so you can better see what is stored in the refrigerator.

3.    It is better to keep cheese, sausage, meat and cold cuts close to each other. When you are going to make a sandwich everything will be at hand.

4.    Use transparent containers for food storage, so you'll always see what food is stored in your fridge.

Once you have finished decluttering your kitchen do not forget to keep it clean every day. Keep in order the sink and counters. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or wash it immediately. Try not to collect trash on the table put everything in its place.

And now it's time to invite your friends for a cup of tea with a delicious cake and celebrate a fresh look of your kitchen.

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