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Be winter-ready with self storage in SafeSpace

The fall has already come and we dont know if it will be favourable and make us happy with warm days. Still, the onset of winter is a must. We dry, season, pickle, make jams, can fruit and vegetables and collect summer memories. And then we clutch our heads where can we store all this! It is cold on the porch. Not everyone has its own garage, and if there is it is only used for a car and seasonal tire storage.

So, what can you do if you like to drink tea with preserves in a cold winter evening or have canned fruit and vegetables for dinner. As usual, SafeSpace helps out and offer storage services for your pickles and other semis. Having rented a box in SafeSpace you would be able to take your things at any time as we work every day. If you want to shorten or enlarge the size of your storage space you can do it any day, as well.  

However, homebrew food for winter is not the only thing that can make you pay attention to self storage before fall and winter.

What can be sent to storage when the fall comes?

Carefully inspect your apartment or house and you'll probably see a lot of things waiting to be sent to the seasonal storage.

1.    Summer wear. You may need T-shirts and lightweight pants in the winter (to put them on at home), however, coats, summer jackets and dresses, sandal shoes, flip flops, sneakers and other summer shoes will take their places on the shelves. Thus you will have no opportunity to keep other clothes, more useful in the winter season.

Do not forget to clean your clothes before you send it to store and put it in vacuum bags thus they take up less space. If you have clothes that easily get wrinkled you can use hangers and do not worry it is always clean and tidy in our storage rooms.

2.    Sports equipment. Are you a fishing enthusiast? Then all equipment tackle, boat, summer fishing clothing requires a lot of storage space. Or maybe you're into surfing, and a balcony is hardly the most suitable place for your surfboard.
If you do not want to listen to the grudge of your family then self-storage in SafeSpace is just for you. Small equipment (racquets, balls, shuttlecocks) can be placed in a box and sent to SafeSpace, as well.

3.    Garden furniture. Do you have a summer house or garden? Then there is most likely, summer furniture for outdoor use, at least a couple of chairs and a table. Where can you put them away for the winter until the next summer so that they do not lose their form and were suitable for further use?
You will need a conditioned and dry room where humidity is constantly maintained at the proper level and there are no insects and rodents. You can easily find such a room in SafeSpace!

4.    Kids former furniture. Do you have children who are studying away from your home town but regularly come for summer vacation? Do you want to use the room that is empty most of the year effectively? Its easy you can turn it into your bedroom or study during the absence of your child and put everything back at his or her arrival.

And finally we offer you a couple of useful tips that will help your tasty preserves and pickles to spend the winter in the storage room: be sure to wrap all tins and cans in paper and do not forget to mark the boxes with the words Caution, fragile.

Even the rainy season can be warm and joyful if you choose the right mood!

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