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Everlasting summer with SafeSpace

With the development of the World Wide Web no boundaries left: we can see the whole world by going both to a virtual tour and a real journey escaping from the cold winter and short daylight hours.

Due to the fast development of the Internet a lot of new professions appeared allowing people to work from anywhere in the world. These are mostly freelancers, including programmers, designers, translators, copywriters. The attractiveness of such jobs is obvious: there is no need to wake up early every morning and punch a time clock, you can set deadlines and choose patrons. There are lots of advantages, though there are drawbacks as well. Still, the latter is not the point.  

It's about the people who may go to warm countries combining business with pleasure. This is, perhaps, the dearest wish of every freelancer. But not everyone dares to uproot and go to explore new countries. Although, if you have already changed your eight-hour day for a free schedule then, sooner or later, you will make a decision to change the country. However, first you need to make preparations.  

1. Choose the country

When are you going to travel, in the summer or winter, or maybe in the fall? Of course, you can go to some countries all year round, for example, to Thailand. It depends just on the region and your preferences: its never cold, the rain is not a problem, swimming is not so important for everyone.  In May, you can go to Turkey, in October to Vietnam or Mexico. Read reviews, compare, and make the decision.

2. Decide where to store your belongings

You are a lucky owner of your own apartment or do you have a lot of things living in a rented apartment? In the former case, you can let the tenants, if you leave for at least three months. In addition, in both cases you have to consider how to store your personal belongings. For example, you can hire an individual box at SafeSpace.

3. Make sure you have enough money

Of course, you are going to work; however, you need money thatll be enough for the short haul, both in cash and credit cards. Depending on the country you may need both: somewhere they do not accept certain types of cards, somewhere it is better to pay only in cash. So take money that will be enough to live for two to three weeks meanwhile you will be able to set up home in a new place.

4. Prepare the equipment

Test your equipment laptop, tablet PC. Think over backup in case of failure of one of the gadgets: it is quite possible that no one will be able to fix your laptop in the country where are you going. If you have a desktop computer and other valuable equipment at home then send it for a long-term storage in SafeSpace we guarantee the safety of your belongings thanks to the high level of security in our self storage.

And do not forget to take your camera you will be able to send your tanned face on the background of sea and palm trees to your friends!

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