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How to pack a suitcase

Have you got already tired of autumn? Do you want the warm summer sun again? It's time to go to hot countries or other interesting places in any case you will have to pack a suitcase. SafeSpace offers you helpful tips on packing and, of course, its storage services to keep your belongings during your holidays.


Eight easy steps will help you to take the most necessary clothes and make the packing easier.

1.    Collect all clothes you plan to take for your trip. Then put half back. Choose clothes alike in color. Opt for the top half of your outfit. For a five-day trip, a person usually needs five shirts / blouses, two pairs of trousers or jeans and a skirt. You can put two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, two dresses and five shirts into a small bag.

2.    Choose knitted, woolen and cotton fabrics as they are less wrinklable.

3.    Underwear, T-shirts, jeans, cotton pants and knitted things will not get wrinkled if you roll them up. Clothes made of stiffer fabrics such as cotton starched shirts, blazers, evening trousers and skirts should be neatly folded. By the way, the same clothes storage is convenient if you have a small wardrobe at home.

4.    Put the rolled clothes to the bottom of your bag. Think of your suitcase as of a three-layer cake. The suitcase is topping; rolled clothes are the first layer.

5.    Then neatly put folded clothes it will be the middle layer (the cream on the cake). Start with the longest subjects: skirts and trousers. Lay the garment on each other alternating between the edge and the fold as this will save space.

6.    Then cover the already collected clothes with bag for cleaning or any large plastic package this will prevent things from wrinkling.

7.    At the top of the stack, put the things you may need first of all whether it's pajamas or a swimsuit.

8.    Put the belts across the suitcase. They will hold all three layers of your cake.

It is better to pack the bag a day before the trip. Excess of the air will come out at night, and youll be able to add something else.


Step 1. Follow the rule of three: you need one pair of casual sandals or light leather moccasins, sneakers and going-out shoes. The shoes take a lot of space due to their form and heels so you should put on the bulkiest pair and the other two put in your bag.  

Step 2. In addition, you can put glasses and chargers into your shoes or sneakers.

Step 3. Fold the shoes in the barrier bags and then place them on the sides of your suitcase.

Beauty products

Step 1. Prefer multifunction products: moisturizing base that can serve as the makeup foundation; shampoo that can be used as a shower gel; wet wipes, which are suitable for both face and hands. If you take hand luggage do not forget to check the rules concerning the permitted amounts of liquids on board.  

Step 2. It is better if the bottles with liquids are filled only three quarters, since the pressure in the luggage space may be so high that the liquid from the full bottles can overflow and messed your clothes up.

Step 3. Protect clothing from the ridiculous damage. Wrap the comb with sharp edges with socks otherwise they may scratch the clothes or even tear them.

Step 4. Group beauty products (products for hair, skin, etc.) and fold them into the barrier bags. Put the bags in the corners of your suitcase or in the outer zippered pockets.


Cheap jewelry can be folded in plastic containers for pills. If you plan to take expensive jewelry it is better to put them on or put them in the hand luggage to avoid loss or theft. Important or valuable documents should be also stored in your hand luggage.

Fragile things

Wrap fragile items in your clothes and put them in the center of the bag, so that they were surrounded by other things. If you have glass bottles with liquids pack them at the bottom and in the center of your bag.

Dirty laundry

You can save space for souvenirs and new clothes by packing dirty clothes in vacuum bags. But remember that your clothes will get wrinkled.
Before the trip you should take care for not only your travel stuff but also belonging left in the apartment. You can rent a box in SafeSpace and keep your things safe.

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