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Order at home thoughts in order!

The ancient art of Feng Shui brings good luck, health and happiness, and also helps to protect you from negative energies. You can reach it by arranging the space in your home properly. First this doctrine appeared in China more than 3,000 years ago and gradually penetrated into all Western cultures.  

Havent you get acquainted with the art of Feng Shui yet? SafeSpace offers you to pay attention not only to the services of temporary storage but also to the helpful tips how to make your home cozy.

1. Get rid of useless things

Probably, most of you faced a situation when you cannot verbalize an idea because of the garbage in your mind.  The same happens within your home: trash interferes with the normal flow of life. One of the important principles of Feng Shui is to have your house cleaned from all useless things and thus to get rid of the wrong energy.

For example, in your bedroom, there are things which constantly irritate you: pile of books, electronic devices, and scattered clothes. They attract negative energy and your bedroom being the most private space in your home isnt the place for negative things. Put your feet down and check all closets, wardrobes, chest of drawers and throw away everything you keep just in case. There is an unspoken rule: if you do not put on any piece of clothes for a year then you do not need it and you will not wear it in the future. Moreover, it concerns not only women.

If you are not ready to get rid of some things but you need to clear the space you can always rent a box at SafeSpace. We offer flexible terms, you can rent the self storage for any length of time and increase its space at any time, if necessary. It is especially convenient for those who need temporary storage for the furniture.

2. Let the light in

Your home should be light and airy. Try to air the rooms as often as you can in order to ensure the natural air circulation. In winter, when its not convenient to open the windows without the risk of catching a cold you can use air cleaners that help to remove all harmful substances.

Since light is one of the most important sources of energy it is necessary to provide a strong influx of natural or artificial (then of good quality) light. Then your house will be always full of positive energy.

3. Define the Bagua, or create the energy map of your home

According to Feng Shui every aspect of our life is linked to a certain area of ​​the house. Below, there is a list of areas in your home and their connection with your life:

Do you want to make your relationships more romantic and are ready to have children? You can arrange your bedroom in the southwest area of ​​the Bagua.

To define where the areas of Bagua are located in your flat you need a compass to determine the cardinal directions and the plan of your apartment (you can find a model in the Internet or draw it by hand). Then draw an octagon with the above mentioned zones of Bagua and apply it to the plan of the apartment now you can rearrange the space.

4. Feng Shui elements

The five elements of Feng Shui are represented by the following colors:

If you want to let the positive energy in your home then you should use the above colors in your interior. Make it warmer by adding pink in the corridor or go back to basics with light brown in the living-room. The choice of color is very important.

Do you want to arrange everything according to Feng Shui? Follow these tips and soon you will see positive changes in your life. If you're not ready to get rid of some especially beloved things forever then SafeSpace self storage is at your disposal.

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