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The development of car park construction in Moscow will help to unclog traffic arteries

The traffic situation established in Moscow requires systematic and immediate solutions. And one of the focal areas is improving the road network, including the construction of car parks:  underground, temporary and intercepting parkings, and parking spaces in precincts. There are the first positive results however, this is only the beginning and there is still a great deal of work ahead.

Problems of car parks construction in Moscow

The challenges that developers face when planning parking areas in Moscow, are typical of all cities.

1.    Geological component, i.e., if the soil in a given area is suitable for any type of construction, especially for the underground.

2.    The presence or absence of groundwater and engineering services.

3.    The lack of convenient areas within the city precincts. Over the last years, modern houses are equipped with temporary storage facilities, underground parking lots; however, this is not enough for such a number of cars that are now registered in Moscow. And they are more than 4 million. There are companies, especially abroad, which practice the construction of underground parking in the already constructed objects. Now we have successfully held the talks with one of these companies Vinci.

4.    Archaeological and historical component. There are convenient places in Moscow where many parking lots can be constructed but the surrounding buildings which are of considerable historical, artistic or other cultural value to society do not allow doing this.

Several years ago in Moscow, the program People's Garage was launched, but unfortunately, it went down to drain. Initially, the idea was good: it was planned to build about 198 parking lots for almost 50 thousand cars at available rates. However, because of the shortcoming of some officials the project did not go the right direction: they choose the area for the construction in the outskirts, away from transport routes, in industrial zones or in the open field, where the car storage is impossible to imagine. Thus, the purchase of the lot even for $ 8,700 has become unreasonable.

Now the launched parking lots are being completed under the supervision of the government of Moscow in order to avoid the displeasure of the hoodwinked investors, but there will be no continuation of the project. And perhaps some of the areas will be sold to storage companies.

How to improve the traffic situation due to the parking lots

What are the possible solutions to improve the current situation when most of Moscow roads look like a spontaneous parking. The Department for Town Planning regularly develops and successfully implements various projects.

What has already been done?

Of course, these results are not visible enough with the naked eye as the number of car owners in the capital keeps growing, and the traffic situation is improving slowly.

What else is planned?

Some residents of the capital are afraid that traffic situation control can cause new higher fines. However, the Town Planning Department is sure that its an ineffective way. The right way is to increase the number of parking lots and to allocate lanes for public transport.  

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