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The history of the storage development

Storage services are inextricably connected with important stages of development of our civilization. The first mention of organized storage dates from about 4300 BC and the forebears of the modern warehouse system became the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient warehouses

The development of trade, agriculture, established social processes led to the establishment of temporary storage facilities, primarily for food products, and then for other items necessary for a comfortable life. Thus, archaeologists found evidence of a well-organized storage system in different cities. Each type of goods were stored in a certain area of the warehouse, for example, in the first section, jewelry was kept, in the second weapon, in the third fruit. Moreover, each unit was marked by its own color.  

However, the main feature of the ancient storage system was not only well organized product placement but also developed logistics, which is now being studied as a separate discipline in universities. If you name employees of the ancient warehouses in modern language then you will find managers, accountants, guards, and the rest of the staff necessary for the successful operation of any storage.

The golden age of the ancient storage system falls on the heyday of the Roman Empire through which many of the trade routes run. Much attention was paid not only to the distribution system but also storage equipment. Most of warehouses were equipped with ventilation and drainage systems.

Second wind

By 500 BC storage services lost their popularity, and revived again only in 1000s AC in Venice. The place is explainable: the location of the Venetian Republic at the crossroads of important Asian and trade routes required the construction of storage facilities for cargo and goods. It was the Venetians who created an accounting system in storage.

Later British workers guilds engaged in import of manufactured goods and agricultural exports made their contribution. The first major wholesaler appeared in England, it was the grocery company Hudson's Bay Company, which began with trading spices, gradually embraced the whole food market, and then went further with jewelry and fur. The Industrial Revolution led to the influx of people to cities what required, in its turn, the arrangement of new storage facilities.

Establishment of the modern storage system

The development of the storage industry is inextricably connected with the stream of commerce. After the UK, storage system appeared in the USA which became home to self storage.  

The starting point of storage system development in the US was the construction of the facility where one of the first settlers kept his personal belongings: furs acquired from the locals and goods imported mainly from Holland.

Before and shortly after the First World War, the main task of the warehouses in the United States was storage. After 1940, the boom of wholesale trade in the US makes the authorities to change the tune and pay attention to the distribution of goods. At the same time first self storages appeared and then spread in Europe and Asia

In Russia, the warehouse industry including self-storage, which appeared here only in the present age, is under active development. Modern warehouse is not just a room with shelf stands but the whole body with its logistics, smart technologies, and a reliable security system.

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