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Unique global repositories

Where can you conveniently store several thousand tons of gold or grain reserves capable of providing the population of an entire planet with food? Underground and behind the doors, which thickness can be up to several hundred meters. There are many storage facilities of that kind thought we dont know about many of them as their existence is not publicized. Why? The reason is not the fear that someone can penetrate their it is not possible, although Mr. Ocean would certainly have a try.

Svalbard Seed Vault

In case of global catastrophe and death of all vegetation, the seed stocks (there are more than 500 thousand kinds) stored under the Scandinavian mountains will help us to revive the crops. The repository is located so deep that a nuclear explosion or earthquake will not cause damage. It is safe from flooding, as well, because the vault is guarded by four steel doors at a height of 130 meters above sea level.

Iron Mountain Bunker

Generally, mountains is a great place to store documents, for example. Thus, in the Mount Iron, once housed a limestone mine, amazing objects are kept now: at 160,000 square meters, you can find the original photo of Einstein and various historical records, Warner Brothers and the Smithsonian Institution documents. However, its almost impossible to get there as at the entrance you will meet a barrier of two rows of heavily armed guards.

Granite Mountain

Another mountain storing historically important documents is located near Salt Lake City. The vault keeps about 3.5 billion images relating to Mormon history, as well as information from libraries, archives and churches, kindly provided to the repository by more than 100 different countries. The storage staff digitizes the data and gradually publishes them in the network, for example, on the website

Cheyenne Mountain Complex Stargate is real

Probably, many of you have seen at least an episode of Stargate series. In fact, the gate in the rock is the entrance to the storage service which task is unknown. The only thing that is made public are the storage options: 25-ton doors, behind which at a depth of 600 meters there is an office space. Impressive, isnt it?

Stockholm safe

Where is the most reliable place to store money and information? Of course, in a safe, especially if it is owned by Bahnhof. The bunker is located 30 meters beneath the streets of Stockholm. The entrance is guarded by a 45-centimeter steel door. What are the precautions? They are made for the safety of WikiLeaks servers.  

Teikoku Bank Vault

Notorious Hiroshima was used by unscrupulous marketers to their advantage they advertised storage services in the Teikoku Bank bunker. When almost the whole city was destroyed because of the atomic bomb explosion, the bank vault located very close to the epicenter of the explosion remains completely intact, only smoked a little outside.

UK gold vault

Again, the vault evokes association with the famous adventure film. This time its Indiana Jones. Imagine a huge, multi-storied room that is completely filled with gold, more than 4.5 million tons. The Bank does not release security information: the size of the door or the depth of the building which is not surprising because it is the second largest storage facility in the world, after the United States Federal Reserve.

The Reserve Bank of New York

Here, 25% of the world's gold reserves are kept. If you convert it into cash you will get about 300 billion US dollars. These treasures, 98% of which are owned by foreign states, are kept in a 3-storied bunker located under water, behind the 90-ton door and guarded by snipers.  

Fort Knox

Does the thought about 5,000 tons of gold bullion stored in Fort Knox haunt your mind? Relax and forget: four walls (two of them voltage-carrying), video cameras and perimeter protection, 120-centimeter granite walls and 750-ton steel doors, 22-ton vault door, pieces of code kept by a huge number of people its unlikely you will be able to stay alive and unharmed trying to get there.

Though SafeSpace does not offer such a gussied up protection the security system, which is provided in our self storage meets all the stringent requirements and guarantees the safety of your property.

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