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How to store children's toys

Do you have small kids or maybe even a pair or trio of cute brats? Then the toys have already occupied your house before you knew it. Many parents-to-be depicture a nice childrens room made in tender colors with neat curtains and other cute things. In fact, things are different: scattered toys and Lego parts, cars and books are everywhere. The simplest way to declutter the house of your childs old toys to present them to somebody does not seem so perfect for your kids. Still, theres something to be done. We offer you useful tips how to declutter your kids rooms.   

Engage children

Before you begin decluttering the room you should discuss with your children what are you going to do with all things; of course, we are talking about children older than 2-3. Together you will decide the best way to store the things, what toys are used more often. Engage your children in the planning process and decluttering will be much easier.

Add some imagination and creativity

Not only boxes put on top of each other along the walls, or open boxes all over the room can provide convenient storage of toys. You just need to think a little, and you'll be surprised how many there are interesting options for toys storage.

1.    If a child often plays in a living-room or you have just one room apartment then give preference to the storage boxes made ​​from natural materials such as bamboo. Thus you can combine an attractive appearance with a feeling of order in the room.

Pay attention to the boxes of durable materials they can serve as additional seats when guests come.

2.    If there is little space in the kids room purchase buy special door pockets or hanging shelves they are very popular now. They are perfect to store small toys.

3.    Use containers of different colors for each type of toys. It is better to buy transparent containers; otherwise you should mark them for your children easy to recognize their toys and put them in place. For younger children who have not mastered reading yet you can paste the picture or take a photo of the contents and attach it on the box.

4.    Stationery or small toys can be folded in plastic jars (which are used for the storage of cereals, for example).

5.    Soapboxes are perfect to store cards, and zipped envelopes for puzzles.

6.    If you decide to keep toys in drawers and boxes, but do not want them to attract everybodys attention then make little curtains and cover your childrens belonging when necessary.

7.    Use color coding system, if you have a lot of Lego parts. Shoe racks are perfect for storing collections: cars, planes, robots. Magnetic strips, which are mounted on the wall is also a great solution to keep the cars.

Identify the storage area

It does not matter what way you store the toys if you do not explain your children that it should fall into habit. Help your children to do out a room, put toys to places until kids get used to new rules.

Use all available space

Sometimes it seems that toys have filled all free space in your house. Thats not the case you just forget about free space under the sofa, table or at the door (on the door). You should get the most out of all free vertical surfaces. Find rack stands from floor to ceiling on the top shelf you can put toys that are not so popular with your kids or that cannot be taken without supervision.

Make routine more pleasant

The best way to teach a child to adhere to a new system is to introduce an element of play. Think of a fun game to collect toys, or for a small fee for doing out the room.

How to store stuffed toys

Are you looking for a comfortable and good-looking way of storing stuffed toys? We offer you the following ideas:

Change toys

When there are too many toys, the child loses interest, becomes naughty, and does not want to play as it is difficult to choose something from such a variety. The perfect solution is to leave only a few toys, and the rest can be put away. After a while change: put away some toys, and take the others.

But where can you store all kids treasures? You can rent a self storage box (SafeSpace offers a room from 0.5 m2) and keep toys there: the boxes are clean, dry, warm, ventilated and air-conditioned if necessary.

By the way, self storage is perfect for dimensional toys. Railroad, parkings, water slide, inflatable pool, basketball hoop, cars, bicycles and other large toys trouble parents, unless they have a large house with a spacious room for storage. You will be able to take one of the children's things for a week or two, and then return it back to your box.

Keep toys nice and comfortable, and SafeSpace will always help you!

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