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10 Pre-holiday Time-Savers

New Year and Christmas holidays are not far off: some people think that there is a little time left, others are sure that they have just little time.  The latter are afraid of upcoming holidays, they usually plan so much and are not able to manage to do everything. Thats why SafeSpace offers you another list of useful pre-holiday tips.  

1. Make a plan for your emotions

Many of us have a list of things we want to do before the New Year, but every time we have something in the way. And now we are not talking about planning a holiday menu or buying gifts. For example, you've always wanted to watch a holiday movie or go shopping with a friend, whom you see just once every six months. So, you should make a plan of such activities that will give you fond memories. Put watching a movie in the schedule between cleaning and shopping, and then you will not have to waste time on useless regrets about the missed plans.

2. Go shopping in unusual times

Its not easy to overcome pre-holiday shopping without losses, so you should pay attention to some tricks. For food shopping, youd better go early in the morning when the supermarkets and stores are just open. Of course, if your work schedule allows it. However, plan your visit to the kids stores for the late evening, when most children are already at home.

3. Think of one gift for everyone

Selection of gifts is one of the most difficult stages in the pre-holiday fuss. Of course, you want and should give something special for family members and the most-loved ones, choose a special present. However, the same gifts for other will be enough: co-workers, acquaintances with whom you plan to meet on holidays, or distant relatives. This can be a bottle of good wine or a gift coupon to the cosmetics store or spa. Moreover, if you have a big list of friends and relatives, you can save money by purchasing at a small bulk. It is better to go shopping in advance, and if you dont want gifts to take up much space in your home send them to a self-storage.

4. Buy immediately

If you see a great gift for someone when shopping for other purposes, immediately buy it. Do not start thinking that you will return to it later and then decide take it immediately. Chances are that you will never return for this gift or someone else will buy it. It may also happen that you just love a thing as a gift, but you still have no idea who can get it take it anyway, the idea will come later.  

5. Use cake premix

Not every one of us can boast of outstanding culinary skills, others do not want to spend time in the kitchen, having no wish to get tired long before the holiday. However, there are a few who refuse to please family and friends with a delicious cake. So pay attention to all kinds of baking premix: you just need to stir the dry mix from, add some milk, water or other simple ingredients and put it in the oven for a specified time. You can easily make the cream for a cake with the premix, as well.

6. Prepare the parcels in advance

If you plan to use the postal service to send gifts, you can significantly reduce the time spent on your post office. Buy the boxes in advance, take the forms and fill them at home, as well. Then you will only need to send the parcels your stay at the post office will be reduced by almost half.

7. Set a time limit for cleaning

A holiday is a difficult time for many housewives as they have so much to do: cook dinner, clean the flat, get dressed and look good. Often, they do not have enough time to brush up. To avoid this, you should put strict limits: finish cleaning for two hours before the guests arrive. And even if something has not been completed yet take it easy. Good mood and attractive appearance is more important than a spit-polished mirror.

8. Look for easy ways

Cleaning the bath before the New Year is not the best way to spend your time. Still, you need to put it in order, especially if you are awaiting the guests. We offer you to make your life easier: moisten paper towels in bleacher and place them on contaminated spots or molded areas for 12 hours. Then remove it and just wipe the bath.

To clean the grease inside the microwave, you can use citrus: put a half cup of water with an orange or lemon (lemon can be put without water), set the oven to maximum power for 5 minutes, then open the door and just wipe the surface with a damp sponge.

9. Prepare a place for clothes in advance

Are you awaiting a lot of guests for the holidays? Will your favorite relatives come? That's perfect! But how can you arrange the storage of clothing it can be a real problem, so prepare a place in advance. For example, free up space in your closet or wardrobe. You can put an extra coat hanger in the hall. You know where to place all clothes better than anyone else, the most important thing is to prepare in advance.

10. Store New Year lights carefully

You can spend less time on home decoration before the holiday if you neatly fold the lights at the end of the previous celebration. Just think how much time you spend, unraveling all these wires with small bulbs. You can avoid by doing the following: wrap the garland around the plastic tubes, for example. You will appreciate how the convenient storage when the next year you pull out a box with decorations.
Pre-holiday days can knock out so that in the New Year's Eve you'll want to wrap yourself in a blanket and sleep. To avoid this, plan your time, engage your friends and family, and do not neglect the electronic helpers and other assistants.

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