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New Year New Resolutions!

New Year  New Resolutions! The New Year has already come, and it's time to make resolutions if you havent done it yet, of course. What are your goals? What are you dreaming of? The interesting fact is that most people dream about the same. SafeSpace self-storage offers you a selection of the most popular New Year's resolutions and a few helpful tips maybe, youll find something interesting.

1. Eat less

Most people want to reduce the amount of food they eat, or rather the number of calories. Failure of nutrition is a scourge of modern society, so it's time to remove fat foods from your diet. Its up to you to decide what it would be a piece of cake, a plate of pasta or an unwholesome hamburger.

2. Eat more

However, we tell not about more food but about more healthy food. People want to diversify their menu of fruits and vegetables, i.e. to eat more useful and healthy food. Each day, add more fruits, vegetables, greens in the diet it will only benefit.

3. Move more

Combined with failure nutrition, couch-potato lifestyle becomes a real threat to our health and even life its like a time bomb. Fortunately, every year more and more people realize that they should undertake let small, but such useful steps towards an active lifestyle. For a start, you can walk more: to work, to shop, to walk with your children, and gradually it will be a habit.

4. Go in for sports

Those who have tasted the charm of an active lifestyle tend to more they want to increase physical activity and exercise more seriously. Go to the gym or a football club, start to ride a bike or dance. The key thing is not to rest on your oars and to constantly conquer new heights. By the way, this is one of the most popular resolutions that people make at the New Year night.

5. Be more organized

By the end of the year, the life of many people is thrown into chaos: we do not have time, things accumulate like a snowball, the house is overgrown with trash, it is more and more difficult to focus on important things all of this leads to disorganization. Arrange your life using remind gadgets and various electronic diaries, the choice of which is huge you can easily find something to your taste.

6. Get rid of trash

Another popular New Year resolution is to declutter and make home more comfortable. Where to start? Ask yourself a few questions: how often did I use this thing, do I really need it, and does it have any special significance for me. If at least once you said "yes" then safely get rid of this thing. If you still cannot throw it out, you can always use the services of a self-storage.

Lets speak about decluttering in detail as order in your heads depends on order at your home.  

Declutter the closet

Most likely, your wardrobe and drawers are filled with clothes that you no longer wear or simply forgot about it. Do not make storage at home give your clothes to the needy, sell or simply throw out.

Throw out all the rest

Of course, we are talking about unnecessary things just occupying space in your home. Carefully inspect your house: look under the bed, in the box on the back shelves, inspect your children's old toys, which they do not play for years do not keep the things that take up space with no aim.

Learn to use less

Having got rid of unnecessary things, do not rush to get new ones. It is important to learn to live in a new and free space. If you get it, then you will soon see how your life begins to change for the better.

Make smart purchases

Make your home comfortable, avoiding unnecessary purchases. Buy something only if you need to change anything, not because you just want it.


This item logically follows the previous one: many of us have a bad habit of buying a heap of unnecessary purchases, which gradually take every free space in your house turning it into a temporary storage. Write lists and always go to the store with them even if you go not just for food but for something larger and more significant.
Regularly clean the house

Trash can pile up quickly if you do not do clean the house regularly. Try to clean at least once a week paying attention to all corners. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself then create a cleaning calendar and plan a small action for each day, placing first the most troublesome and unpleasant.

7. Be more spontaneous

If you think that your life was a bit boring the past year, then perhaps you should be more spontaneous: suddenly invite a friend for a cup of coffee or go wherever you want. Try it you'll love!

8. Devote more time to your loved ones

Time is one of the best values for any of us. But how often do we do the things that really matter to us? Play with the kids, relax with the family, going out with friends. Why not make 2015 the year of all these lovely things!

9. Make a technological break

Technology absorbs us. We come home and immediately turn on TV or computer. We meet with friends, communicate with them and keep hold on a tablet or Smartphone. We go to bed and light a dark room with a dim phone light. We use gadgets every free minute. They enslave us more and more. So, how about to make a technological break and put aside your gadgets for a while? For example, every hour in the morning and evening on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

See, how much new can be done in the coming year. We hope that you will choose at least one resolution and feel a new taste of life!

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