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Storage Solutions: 10 Places that you are likely to Miss Out

Storage Solutions: 10 Places that you are likely to Miss Out Do you think that there's nowhere to put things at home? In fact, you're missing out a lot there is more free space to store things in every home than you may think. SafeSpace offers you a selection of unexpected places where you can keep the necessary items in the household.

1. Under the stairs

Do you live in the house and is there a little space under the stairs? However, did not you dare use it because you think that its too tight? In vain! First, you can hang shelves there and put small jars on them. Second, you can make hooks and arrange your sports equipment: tennis rackets, skis, and hockey sticks. Finally, there can be your home office space: make a folding table where you can put your laptop, lay on the light and do not forget the door that will be closed after hours.

2. Under the ceiling

Very often, the space under the ceiling remains unused because it seems uncomfortable to get the things from such a height. However, you can make additional boxes or just buy a nice box and put the things that are rarely used there, but that you did not intend to throw away.

3. Behind the door

A little time, a pair of hooks and you will turn your bedroom or bathroom door into an extra storage facility where you can keep different things: a gown, jewelry, outfit prepared for tomorrow, bath towels (in the bathroom). On the door of the cupboard in the kitchen, you can store cans and spices or aprons.

4. The space under the cabinets

Not all the cabinets in the kitchen or in the room fit snugly to the floor: a small space is often quite narrow, though enough to make there a drawer for handkerchiefs, towels or flat kitchen accessories (baking dishes, for example).

5. Under the sink

Use the space under the sink for maximum benefit: you can hang there small shelves and keep your household chemicals that you use in the kitchen; you can put boxes and keep cloths, sponges, and the same bottles with cleaning agents there. Try to fill the entire free space in the cupboard under the sink with the shelves.

6. Along the walls

Use the walls to store, install small built-in modules, which will be an additional place to put small items (notebooks, newspapers, books). At the same time, you will not involve an inch floor.

7. Above the toilet

If you have a full bathroom, the problem of storage is particularly acute: usually such facilities do not have large dimensions. However, there is a solution: hang several shelves right above the toilet and place there your bath accessories: towels, shampoos, shower gels. Paint the shelves in interesting colors or place them in a checkerboard pattern thus you make them more unique and decorative interior elements.

8. In the furniture

Use furniture. For example, there is a coffee table then you can always attach a few boxes where you will put newspapers, magazines, and other small, useful things. A couch or ottoman in the hallway can be a perfect place to store your gloves, scarves, and hats.

9. Under and above the washing machine

Install drawers under the washer and dryer. Many brands sell boxes that can be installed under a front-loading washing machine. These boxes are perfect for storing detergents and other materials for washing. Boxes will not only create additional opportunities for storage but also facilitate the process of putting clothes into the machine because now it is at an ergonomic height. Drawers and shelves can be used above the machine as well as those that are placed over the toilet.

10. Above the car

Even in garages where there is a little space, you can always find a place to store things just take a close look. Hang small lockers on the wall so that they are placed above the hood of a parked car. There, you will keep a lot of tools and other useful items.

Tip: Use closed cabinets instead of open shelves to prevent rolling tools and other items from the shelves onto the hood of your car.

Well, before you begin to apply these tips into practice, take a close look at your apartment: perhaps, there are things that you want to get rid of for good or at least send to a long-term storage.

Then SafeSpace will be happy to offer its services.

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