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Food storage secrets

Food storage secrets Experienced housewives can easily arrange convenient food storage, prolonging their life and saving money. Several secrets will be useful for everyone. Knowing what to do with an over salt soup or how to keep baked goods fresh, you will do with your household duties better. Use these tricks at home. How to keep vegetables and mushrooms fresh longer? How to protect cereals and salt from pests and excess moisture? Let's learn how to master the house smarter!

1. Keep soft cheese fresh

Soft cheese with a high fat content can be stored in the freezer, when placed in a sealed container. Before use, put the cheese on the shelf of the fridge for twelve hours.

2. Prevent cheese from drying

To keep hard cheese moist, smear it with butter or margarine. This method works especially well when the cheese is covered with a waxy coating.

3. Check if your eggs are fresh

The density and weight of an egg is an indicator of its freshness. The older an egg, the easier it is. By dropping eggs into the water, you can easily determine whether they are suitable for use.

4. Keep your vegetable fresh

The condensate that is collected in a drawer of the refrigerator, where you store the vegetables can make them rot. To prevent excessive moisture, use cellulose wipes, which should be placed on the bottom of the box.

5. Learn how to store fresh mushrooms

Mushroom is a valuable source of protein and incredibly tasty product. When you put them into in the refrigerator, roll them in a cloth that absorbs excess moisture. Thus, the product will stay fresh longer.

6. Keep vegetables crispy 

If the roots are a little flabby put them in cold water with clean fresh potato. Carrots and radish will be crispy again!

7. Fragrant herbs on your table

19893f2f76ab7981a5add556541efb75.jpgGreens will retain maximum flavor and vitamins if you place it in the freezer. You can cut it or stored in bundles. Once in the hot dishes, they will immediately unfreeze and give a spicy aroma.

8. Keep bananas fresh

Keep bananas in bundle and try not to damage the peel. This will help to longer retain their freshness and attractive appearance.

9. Return the bubbles to sparkling wine

Couple of raisins can return champagne to its original state if it is permanently open and a little bit deaden.

10. Make lemon juice with no effort

Usually, to squeeze the juice from a lemon, we cut the fruit in half. However, if you do not need the juice from the whole lemon at the moment and you want to add just a teaspoon, simply pierce the skin and squeeze a few drops. So, you do not give citrus wither on the shelf of the refrigerator.

11. Save the cereals and flour

Weevils can be a problem in the kitchen. However, they are afraid of spices added to the containers where you store your cereals, nuts and flour. Bay leaf cope with the task the best.

12. Keep the cakes soft

If your cakes or biscuits are dried up, we know how to refresh them. Sprinkle them with water, put in the cooking bag, and then put it for a moment in the oven or microwave. This simple method will save your cakes.

13. Keep the cookies crispy

Keep moist and crispy biscuits and cookies in different containers. Cookies easily absorb moisture and may cease to crisp.

9d55ef9d58abaeedaf5b33fb2ecc4e5f.jpg14. Get rid of excess salt

If you happen to oversalt your soup, just add a couple of peeled potatoes, cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes and then remove the potatoes. Or you can add a teaspoon of sugar or an apple cider vinegar. If these methods did not work, then add a cup of unsalted broth to the soup.

15. Protect dairy products from bacteria

Place the containers with cottage cheese and sour cream on the cover to make the vacuum. So, you prevent your products from bacteria and germs and save these fresh nutritious foods rich in calcium.

16. Prevent honey granulation

Honey is a valuable source of vitamins and it is not subject to deterioration. If you want to liquefy the honey it is enough to put it in the microwave for thirty seconds at an average power.

17. Proper storage of the finished pasta

Pasta should be stored in an airtight container or bag to keep it from sticking together and drying. Before eating, just place the product in boiling water.

18. Keep the butter off-odor

Extra flavors will not make the butter taste better, so you need to keep it in sealed containers. Following this simple rule, you will save the butter fresh as much as six months.

19. Replace cream with yogurt

To reduce fat in salad dressings, use yogurt instead of pure cream or their mixture. But avoid heating the sauce as yogurt may change under heat.

20. Protect salt from moisture

Put a little rice in the salt. The rice will serve as a natural desiccant and keep salt loose.
In addition, do not forget to regularly check and ventilate the places where you store the food, as well as to maintain the necessary humidity there. And then, the time spent in the kitchen will always be a joy.

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