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Supermarket secrets: why you buy more than you planned to

Supermarket secrets: why you buy more than you planned to

Shopping malls and supermarkets are no doubt interested in increasing their revenue. In order to achieve this goal, they attract marketers, promoters and merchandisers. They plan your route around the store, choose how to display goods, taking into account the direction of your sight, and think over promotions and bonus programs. Even little things like the color of the price tag, the height of the shelves, light, music and smells influence your senses and make us to spend more. You need to know about these tricks to buy just the things you really need. Today, we will tell you about some tricks that are used by supermarkets to affect our senses.

Music that boosts sales

You hear unobtrusive music as soon as we enter the mall. These pleasant melodies are geared to create an atmosphere of comfort where you can feel safe, relaxed and are more prone to sudden purchases. Music enhances the mood, and the person in a good mood is more inclined to participate in promotions, buy a second product at half the price, and just spend more.

There is a more sophisticated trick that can even change the perception of time. The cart rumbles at the junction of tiles covering the supermarket floor, and you think that you are going too fast. This trick forces you to slow down and gaze at the shelves with products. All this makes you spend more time in the store and put more goods in the cart.

What smells make you buy

Often near the entrance to the supermarket, there are fresh flowers. Colorful bouquets and potted plants affect us as a positive visual image and emit a pleasant aroma. Such a complex effect on the sense of smell and sight immediately causes a pleasant association with the upcoming shopping and stimulates spending more.

In addition to the fragrance of flowers, marketers use the smell of baking. Inside the supermarket, supermarket1.jpg there is often a bakery serving fresh hot pastries of their own production. The aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls is able to cloud everyones mind. The smell of baking makes us feel hungry, and its more difficult to focus on numbers and analyze prices. If you have not eaten before going to the store, then you simply have no chance against this fragrant weapon. Therefore, we suggest going to the store only after having lunch and make a shopping list. These two precautions will allow you to save a lot.

Means of visual impact

Merchandisers are people who display of goods on store shelves. They do this not chaotic and not as you'd like but in accordance with the special schemes called planogram. All this is done in order to increase the revenue of the store.

On the middle shelves, there are the most expensive good of the best-known manufacturers. This is done to ensure that the goods giving the greatest revenue get in contact with your eyes first, and seem the most attractive and quality. Goods located above or below are considered less attractive and quality.

Your way along the supermarket is exactly known by merchandisers: they know exactly what shelves you're looking at on the way to the right department. On these shelves, there will be goods that the store wants to sell first.

The task of the supermarket is to make your way to the right department as long as possible. It is no coincidence that dairy and bakery departments are always located in the farthest corner of the store. While looking for bread, you will pass through the whole supermarket as you simply will not have any other choice. The second most popular products, like meat and sausages, are always located at a considerable distance from the milk and bread. It makes you wander between the shelves to find the right product. While wandering around the store, you will "accidentally" run into the shelves with the widely advertised but unnecessary goods for you.

The task of marketing is to hold you in the store, to make you look at the shelves, and then your subconscious mind will start to work against you.

How merchandisers affect your subconscious mind

To affect your subconscious mind effectively is a dream of every marketer. Millions of dollars are spent to the study the issue, and not in vain.

Shelves with healthy and useful products, for instance, with vegetables are located at the entrance to the store. Once you put in the cart something useful, subconsciously you will begin to believe that you deserve a reward and buy some chips and chocolates. Speaking of shopping carts why are they so huge. Subconsciously, people did not count the number of boxes and battles, but they evaluate the fullness of the cart: at the moment when the subconscious mind tells you "enough" you will have already bought too much.

Imaginary discounts affect right our subconscious. Thus, a discount of 10 cents is not able to trick our mind, but the subconscious mind yells "buy, its cheaper!" And many buyers can not resist. The trick with crossing the old price is geared to reach the same goal. The subconscious mind does not operate with precise figures, it handles images and concepts of "more less". The marketers stake on this.

Merchandisers affect you through your children

supermarket2.jpg Pay attention that the products attractive to children can be found in almost any part of the supermarket, they are not concentrated in a single place. This is done to ensure that all time spent in the store your child will ask for something. Children have great power over parents and boosts revenues of the supermarket. At the cashdesk, there are always 2-3 categories of goods for children, as well. The child will be bored to stand in line and begins to ask for a chocolate bar or a bag of jelly bears. Parents feels buy what the child wants.

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