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The choice of indoor plants

The choice of indoor plants

Indoor plants change our homes. The room decorated with flowers helps to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. After all, the house is a place of rest and relaxation rather than an individual store of our things, values and photos. For each room in the apartment, you should choose different types of houseplants.

Flowers for the living room

There are no restrictions when you choose plants for a living room. But be careful, if there are pets or small children you shouldnt use following plants: monstera, croton, ficus, spurge, hydrangea and azalea. The leaves and the juice of these plants are poisonous and should be avoided.

As for the rest, you should be guided by the sense of taste and appropriateness. If you flowers1.jpghave a spacious living room you can follow your imagination. In small rooms, avoid large plants that can obscure the sunlight and occupy considerable space "eating" precious square meters. Small plants will make any interior attractive.

You also need to take into account how much the selected plants need the light. Rubber plants will feel great at the window. In the shaded areas, put philodendron or, if there is no animal or children, monstera. These plants will like moderate lighting. If your living room windows face north-west, violets will be a charming decoration of your window sills.

Flowers in your bedroom

When selecting plants for the bedroom, you should exercise caution and moderation. Plants with strong scents can cause headaches. An exception can be made only to lavender. Its aroma promotes relaxation and stress relief. Its not easy to care for lavender but this plant will help you to avoid insomnia. Moreover, you can make perfumed sachets of lavender and put then among the linen.

In general, do not put too many plants in the bedroom because at night they absorb oxygen from the air and it may cause the feeling of weakness in the morning. We recommend that you be limited to one two pots of compact plants, for example Chlorophytum or Spathiphyllum. These plants are good because they are able to absorb harmful substances emitted by furniture and plastic.

Flowers for the kitchen

If the size of your kitchen allows you to decorate the interior then pay attention to not downy plants. Waxy leaves are easy to clean from dust and grease.

Decorative pepper looks very impressive in the kitchen. Kitchen herbs, such as dill, basil, rosemary and laurel planted in pots will decorate your kitchen. If the size of the room is large enough, then buy Ficus benjamina and various citrus fruits, which look great in pots and love sunshine.

Aglaonema and Chlorophytum will perfectly cope with air purification.

The important point is the location of the flower. It should neither bother you to cook nor block the entrance. The undesirable neighbors for the plant are stove, sink and household chemicals.

Flowers in the bathroom

If there is a window in your bathroom then decorate it with flower. This step turns the bathroom into a true spa resort, which will help you to relax after a busy day. An excellent choice for the bathroom with a window are orchids, ferns, and a variety of arum and Calathea. Of course, in order to put a flower in the bathroom, you need enough space.

If there is no window in the bathroom, but you are going to decorate this room with flowers, you will need additional lighting. Fito lamps help the plants to survive in low light conditions. If you want to decorate the bathroom without windows, use aspidistra.

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