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A problem of storages available space penury has always existed, because all of us constantly surrounded by stuff that one would like to hide, while there is no suitable place. As a result, things are slowly but surely fill wardrobes, balconies, mezzanines and storages, considerably cluttered life.

It would seem that the right decision is to take unnecessary (seasonal) things to the cottage or to the garage. However, there is a certain risk: 

  • First, these areas do not meet the conditions of detention of property;

  • Second, things can just be stolen by burglars or deliberately spoiled after disasters, fires and floods.

Therefore, there are some reasons to contact a company that providestemporary storage warehouse services. You may leave completely different things to store: garden and sports equipment, furniture, scooter or bicycle, ski, travel gear, tires, baby carriages, sleds, power tools and other household items.


Service Name
Price for 1 month 
6-11 months
> 11 months 
Box for storing property 2 sq.m. 
1 200 rubles.1 140 rubles.1 080 rubles.
Box for storing property 5 sq.m. 
1 150 rubles.1 090 rubles.1 030 rubles.
Box for storing property 10 sq.m. .1 050 rubles.1 000 rubles.970 rubles.

The price is for 1 m. meter per month, excluding VAT. 

Proper organization of the storage process is a very important matter, and everything may depend on seemingly minor details. What are the conditions and features of our warehouse?


All things carried are packed with special materials that the company provides, and marked as well. Then, the inventory of property is made. Items marking makes it easier to find them in desired name, and so you will not ever mess them up. 


The condition of the premises for the storage of property is not the least factor. First, the company must provide the customer with a variety of area boxes for property storage in Moscow, so it would not be necessary to pay for the extra meters, but there would be no large piles of things, which can lead to spoilage, as well.


Storage areas should be dry and bright, equipped with a good ventilation system and be compliantat keeping constant temperature for storage of personal belongings, household appliances and furniture. Throughout the year, the temperature is maintained at a constant level, which is not less than 11 degrees and not more than 22 degrees,as well asthe relative humidity which is always less than 70%.


Executive Company has full financial responsibility for the propertyentrusts, so the territory of storage space is carefully protected with a multi-level security system. Permanent control over the safety is performedby using video surveillance, reliable guards and alarm system, which alerts in the events of emergency. Our fire safety system protects the deposited contents from a fire.


Who knows what time of day you may need one or another thing entrusted for safekeeping? Therefore, the company provides access to clients property at any time to pick out everything you need, or, conversely, to put something else.


All items are unloaded and placed on a remote distance from each other on admission to the warehouse. Small things can be contained in boxes and furniture in special covers that protect them from direct sunlight, moisture and mechanical damage. Oversized items stored in an open way or under a special protective film. Our technicians periodically clean and disinfestation the warehouses.

Finally, the customer is always have the opportunity to extend the storage contract. Therefore, you will not only gainadditional free space at home, but also save your time when you choose a company near your residence. Your things will always be available at any time, so you can come to the warehouse with the contract and check the conditions of detention of entrusted property. 

Call us: +7 (495) 240-52-19 

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