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 Seasonal property storage is an actual service, which can be useful in different situations. First of all, it allows you to safely store the property, the need for which arises only at certain times of the year. For example, skis and sleds are needed only during the winter and bicycles, boats and garden tools during the summer. Where to keep all these things? This problem is effectively solvedby the SafeSpace Company, which warehouses provide the most favorable conditions for seasonal storage of such stuff, as: tires, summer accessories, children's clothing, sports equipment and more. Choosing us, you get a wide range of services, a professional approach and a guarantee of security and reasonable prices.


We provide the following services:


Service Price 
Price for 1 month 
6-11 months
> 11 months
Boxing for seasonal storage 2 sq.m. 
1 200 rubles.1 140 rubles.1 080 rubles.
Boxing for seasonal storage 5 sq.m. 
1 150 rubles.1 090 rubles.1 030 rubles.
Boxing for seasonal storage of 10 sq.m. 
1 050 rubles.1 000 rubles.970 rubles.

The price is for 1 m. meter per month, excluding VAT.


- Storing with convenience. Our store is divided into sections ranging from 1m ³ to 100m ². You can rent a single unit or combine them depending on the amount of seasonal items. If things volumedecreasesor increases, we just provide you with the relevant module sizes.

- Security. Our warehouses are equipped with alarms, motion sensors and video monitoring system, which prevents improper access to your module. Each client receives a personal electronic key, and even more - you can equip your boxing with optional padlock. Repository is guarded for 24 hours a day and is fully complied with fire safety.

- Optimal external factors. The storage temperature is kept constant at level of at least 18 degrees and humidity of level of 60-70%. Storage facilities are heated and ventilated, all things are protected from direct sunlight and pollution.

That is why our temporary storage is perfect if you are looking for the space for seasonal storage of tires in Moscow. You will be provided with a dry, cool and dark storage room, fully complying with the rules of seasonal storage of rubber and equipped with special racks that prevent tire deformation.

- Access. The storage is organized to provide a round the clock access for clients: you can go to your compartment at any time and to pick up or drop off of the things.

Attention! All our customers are provided with specialized handling equipment, such as carts and stepladder, for free. At your request we can additionally equip your module with special racks. There is also a shop with all kinds of packing materials and accessories: cardboard boxes, tapes, markers, etc. Reliable packaging - another way to keep your things in its original form and another possibility of a more practical use of the warehouse modules area.


Seasonal storage of tires, sports equipment, gardening equipment and personal items - one of the main activities of the SafeSpace Company. With years of experience, we have developed mutually beneficial cooperation scheme for our customers:


Referring to a specialized SafeSpace Company, you get your own secure location for seasonal storage, which you can pick up at any time. Favorable conditions of storage, the total liability of the company's low fares and great deals - that the reasons for which we are trusted.

You can propose arequest and get answers to all your questions by phone: +7 (495) 240-52-19.

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