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uslughrahofisper1.JPGOne of the highlights, which brings fundamental changes in business development of any company, is the office relocation. Relocation increases workspace premises and therefore the growth of staff; it opens additional opportunities to conquer and expand new areas of the market. However, the same circumstance can cause certain and largely justified fears, that the process of organizing and implementing of the relocation could be delayed for a long time.We warn about the quality of loading and unloading operations, from whichthe continued operation of transportable office equipment and other necessary for the resumption of full-fledged workflow equipment will directly depend on. The safety of transported property, as well as many other equally complex problems, are called into question.

All this leads to the fact, that instead of positive emotions, you gain a lot of different tasks, which require to spend a considerable amount of time and effort.

However, you can avoid all of the problems above quite easily by using custody services provided by partners of SafeSpace - so-called moving companies. Name of the service is "Office relocation and storage." Employees of the carrier will temporarily assume full responsibility for moving the property of your company: furniture, office equipment and documents. You can also use the option of partial transportation assets selected for individual storage into our storage boxes. 

Thus, all the problems associated with your office relocation and the safe delivery of the property will be resolved efficiently and promptly. Theapproach to each client and each order is always extremely individual when we talk about SafeSpace Company. You will be offered a safe place, equipped with multi-level security system, which will be located in the individual boxesofrequired size.

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