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What are the benefits of storing archives with a specialized storage?

What would encourage you to use archival services? Those who at least once resorted to such a service (used a property storage system), is unlikely to abandon it. There are a lot of reasons for it. This is advantageous, convenient and practical. SafeSpaceCompany provides comprehensive archival services for enterprises of different ownership forms. So, imagine that your archives have migrated to us. What will you get? 


Service name Prices for 1 month
6-11 months
> 11 months 
Archive storage box 2 sq.m. 
1200 rubles
1140 rubles. 
1080 rubles. 
Archive storage box 5 ​​sq.m. 
1 150 rubles.1 090 rubles.1 030 rubles.
Archive storage box 10 sq.m.
1 050 rubles.1 000 rubles.970 rubles.
The price is for onesquare meter per month, excluding VAT.


Saving of valuable space. When you give your documents for storage, your office get additional space. Plump folders with papers will no longer clutter the shelves, and employees will not be crowded because of a closet full of old and non-actual contracts. Using archival services, you are releasing useful areas in your premises. 


Money savings. Now you can abolish the post of archivist. No need to hire and pay the monthly salaries of employees in charge of the archive. You are not depend on these people anymore and there is no need toask your employees to "put some order in the documents." 


Privacy Policy. First, all the rooms, where your documents situated,are protected around the clock. There is no access for unauthorized persons, which excludes the possibility of leakage of internal information. Secondly, details of the companywill not be presented on any folder. Each folder has been assigned an identification number by which it can be found in seconds. Therefore, you can protect important information from overly curious individuals and from employees, which you do not trust. 


Legal protection. All secret or confidential papers are protected from diversion to unauthorized persons. Your documents are protected from unlawful seizurewhile they are in storage.


Orderliness and systematization. Warehouse staff will create a range of cases, impose order in your archive, sort all the papers on this or that principle and even create a virtual archive by scanning each document for a small fee. Thanks to this every contract or protocol will always be in its own place. Nothing will be lost.


Creating an archive. Warehouse staff perform archive processing and carry out all preparatory work before documents are surrender in the archive. They also carry out bookbinding and restoration work that will give new life to old documents. 


Storage in optimal conditions. Your office place may be too damp, too dusty or too sunny for storing documents. SafeSpase premises are ideally suited for this - they supported with the right temperature, the right level of humidity and adequate lighting. The appearance of rodents or insectsis excluded. These conditions provide the greatest long-term life of your company documents. Such risks as pouring freshly brewed coffee on documentation or lose it by the fault of hungry termites are nullified.


24-7 access and delivery to anywhere in the world. While on vacation, a business trip or at home, you can always ask for the delivery of archival documents wherever you need. Our courier will deliver it shortly. If this is necessary, you will be brought together scanned copies or photocopies of the required act. In addition, you can always manage your archive using its virtual copy.


Limited access. Only those people, whom you have granted rights to access your archive, may actually get into the box. If you wish, you can narrow circle of such persons to you only. At any time, you can prevent or allow anyone to use the archive. 


Smart disposal. After the escrow securities periods expire, these documents will be disposed of in accordance with established norms. This is eco-friendly, safe and allows you to contribute to preserving the environment. Disposal of documents in an industrial shredder guarantees the absolute safety of information. 


Determining the value of documents. If you hesitate and can not establish a scientific and practical value of the document, we will help you to do it. Qualified professionals will be able to quickly and accurately determine the extent of the value and shelf life of a particular act, based on the results of the examination. 

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