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Skilled moving company, working in partnership with SafeSpace, can shoulder even the most complex office relocation. All moving companies offer a "turnkey" office relocation service, which is a complete package of standard services, including:

    Provision (delivery) packaging material required to perform self-documentation and packing personal belongings to the customer.
    Professional packing of transported property (home appliances, office equipment, computers, indoor plants, posters, mirrors, etc.).
    Dismantling or packaging of furniture and other interior items.
    Marking property.
    Loading property.
    Transportation to the destination.
    Unloading and rising to the appropriate floor.
    Assembling and placing of furniture and other interior items; mounting of hinged shelves, posters, information boards.
    Unpacking and placing of home and office equipment, computers, indoor plants, etc.
    Export of used packaging.
    Service "the day after the move."
Ordering office relocation services at SafeSpace, you get the opportunity to pick unclaimed at the new place furniture or other property and immediately transfer it to the safekeeping in our warehouse, without detracting from the relocation process. Storing office property on a dedicated office stock will increase the useful area of the office, free utility rooms, as well as, most importantly, will save you from anxiety for the safety of the deposit property.
Note: If the number of jobs running over the company does not exceed 10, moving companys specialists producethe packaging of all personal belongings of the client and all available documentation. In other cases, additional services will be provided on a paid basis.

    What benefits do the customers get from moving company?
    We and our partners take full financial responsibility for the safety and integrity of your property for the relocation period, which is indicated in the contract for the provision of moving services.
    Customer pays for the services after the relocation is performed. Payments are processedin accordance with the acts of the work performed.
    Our partners began their work in the area of providing moving services in early 2000, and they earned a great reputation of a reliable supplier of moving services.
    Relocation process begins a few days before you actually moveout the old address.

    Communication between the client and moving company is performed in the following order:
    Initially, our specialists preliminary consultthe client by telephone or email. Managers tell in detail about all stages of the organization of office moving, and pre-determine its approximate value, taking into account the specific circumstances.
    Then we define the scope of future work. At the time,  convenient for the customer, the Companys specialist will come to perform an on-site inventory and calculate the amount of property that is required to carry away. He will determine the most suitable place for the entrance of vehicles and loading and unloading operations, make a required worklist, and provide the customer with all the necessary tips on preparing for the upcoming office space move.
    Our managers present Quotation to the customer, indicating the time schedule and the cost of all works as well as the contact details of the project manager.
    Parties signing the contract, where the list of transported property, schedule, cost estimates, list of services, as well as the responsibility for the safety of a moving company the customer's property are specified.
    Finally, direct implementation of an office moveis performed.

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