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SafeSpace Company offers stuff storageservices on its own warehouse, which namely is a complex of individual boxeswith areas from 1 sq. meter up to 120 sq. meters. Each individual box isprotected with a multi-level security system, which guarantees that your propertywill be clean, unbroken and safe. 

** Incase, if one-time payment is made for 6 months

Illustrative diagram

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Animals, plants,short-lived commodities, weapons, explosive and toxic substances.

Prices and Discounts

Box area

Storage period

Less than 3 months

More than 6 months

More than 11 months

1 4 square meters

1260-5040 rubles per month

1134-4530 rubles per month

1008-4032 rubles per month

5 15 square meters

6300-18150 rubles per month

5670-16335 rubles per month

5049-14520 rubles per month

12 100 square meters

14520 70000 rubles per month

13068-63000 rubles per month

11616-56000 rubles per month

 Nice bonuses

Attention!SafeSpace Company provides its customers with step-ladders, carts, hydrauliclifters, tools and other warehouse equipment.

SafeSpaceCompany traditionally keeps its tariffs for warehouse storage services on a lowlevel. Prices are completely depend upon the size of the box and the durationof the rent period. We grant additional discounts and bonuses for our servicesto our regular customers and to those, who pay for services in advance. Weprovide our customers with different payment options, includingcard payments,bank transfers and cash.

Why is it profitable to store property with SafeSpace?



SafeSpacewarehouses are equipped with a modern access-control and fire safety systems,which guaranties a 100% safety of your property.

Warehouseoperation time: 8.00 am 9.00 pm, seven days a week.

Youcan easily drive up to your individual box even on freight transport.

Youcan conclude a rental contract for the period you need from a month and up toyears (we do not put restrictions on duration of rent period).

Youcan terminate a rental contract at any time regardless of the reasons (howeverwe ask to warn us about early termination of a contract in two weeks). Inaddition, we will give back all unspent funds.


SafeSpace Companyprovides its customers with heated boxes for property storing, situated at itsown warehouses in Moscow. Warehouses are divided into separate compartments,each having an area starting from 1 square meter up to 100 square meters, whichceilings height is 3.3 meter (that on average 30% more than the competitioncompanies afford). Each compartment is namely a box, equipped with anindividual access-control system. We maintain a room temperature and optimumhumidity in our warehouses for all the year round.

Using the calculator,you can find an optimum area of your box, which saves you fromoverpaying forunused square meters. 

Optionally, weprovide our customers with storehouses equipment, shelving and packingmaterials (bubble wrap, tapes, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, markingtools, etc.)

Our concern is the security of your property

We valuethe trust of our clients and therefore strive to ensure that working with us becomesmore and more comfortable, easy and profitable. You can rent a box literally inminutes by making a call to our office. Our specialists will answer all of yourquestions and help you to choose a right size for your individual box.


Cooperation with SafeSpace it is an European-levelservice with affordable prices!

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