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Safekeeping of stock furniture may be needed in many different situations. This service is often required in following cases:
  • during apartment or office improvement;
  • duringrelocation;
  • when buying a new furniture; 
  • for seasonal storage of garden furniture etc. 
  • while renting an apartment without furniture;

You can store the following things in our warehouses: 

SafeSpace Company offers secure storage of furniture and household items to individuals and organizations. We provide a comfortable space for furniture and free access to storage compartments. Warehouse has the most favorable conditions for the storage of furniture and a reliable security guard. You choose the desired size of a box and define the storage period. We have full liability, a wide range of additional services and affordable prices. 


Service name 
Price for 1 month 
6-11 months
> 11 months   
Furniture storage box 2 sq.m.
1 200 rubles. 1 140 rubles. 1 080 rubles.
Furniture storage box 5 sq.m. 
1 150 rubles. 1 090 rubles. 1 030 rubles.
Furniture storage box 10 sq.m. 
1 050 rubles. 1 000 rubles. 970 rubles.

The price is for 1 square meter per month, excluding VAT. 


Our warehouses provide optimal conditions for furniture storage, which meet all requirements and standards. 

- Spacious rooms areas up to 100m ²  


Apartment or office improvement period, when all the furniture is stored in the same room, moved to the country or in the garage is an event that may entail unpleasant consequences. Commonly, furniture is piled on top of each other - it may become scratched, cracked or chipped after such manipulations. Such cases become impossible when we talk about SafeSpaces warehouses: by booking a furniture storage service, you get a spacious room, where you can freely store your stuff and other items. In the cases, when installation of the furniture on the top of each other can not be avoided, we use special pads to protect it against possible damage. 

- Modern Packaging

Transportation and storage of furniture require special care, so we did everything to avoid any damage to your property. For this purpose, we use only high-quality and reliable modern packaging materials: cardboard boxes, air bubble and stretch film, special blankets for seating. 

- Optimal external factors

Safekeeping of furniture during the relocation, long trip or repair this includes a constant maintenance of necessary external conditions. We took care of all of the content for your furniture to stay in a perfect state: a favorable atmosphere with an optimum temperature below 18 degrees and humidity of 60-70%is created in our warehouses. Your furniture is stored in a dry and well-ventilated areas at least three feet away from heaters. All items are protected from direct sunlight and pollution. 

- Clean and tidy

Maintaining cleanliness and perfect execution of sanitary norms are probably the important conditions for proper storage of furniture in stock. Our temporary storage are regularlycleaned, so we do not have rodents and other pests that can damage furniture. Warehouse staff cannot access the boxes by themselves, therefore we recommend to our customers to wipe wood furniture to remove accumulated dust from time to time. 

- Security 

Deciding to pass the furniture in our storage, you will get all the guarantees of complete security of your property. Our warehouses security system includes motion sensors, alarms, individual electronic keys and personal storage unit. In addition, each client can install an optional padlock in his compartment. All the warehouses boxes guarded around the clock. 

Our warehouse equipped with specialized tools for the safe handling and storage of furniture items. 



Each client signs a contract for a minimum storage period, which can be extendedby the personal request of the client. Removal and furniture storage at company's stock are made with pre-inventory, and may be accompanied by detailed video recording. The agreement reflects the full Companys liability for clients property. 

The temporaryfurniture storage service will save you from the hassle and give confidence in the integrity and security of your property. This service is quite common for Europe region and is very popular. You will greatly facilitate your life by referring to a specialized SafeSpace Company and entrusting the care of your furniture to professionals! 

Order service and get all the necessary consultations by phone +7 (495) 240-52-19. 

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