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Apartment move 

What are the differences between the apartment move and office move? Let us start with the fact that the property, which was acquired during the years, hasa great value to its owner, even if its fair market price is not greatat firstsight. In addition, the amount of things that are stored in anapartment will significantly exceed the amount of property, hosted in the office of the same area. The features mentioned above, for sure, is markedly different flat moving from the office moving,so the moving companys specialists are required to pay attention to the organization and implementation of the event.


Our partners - moving companies - provide their clients the following services: 

The most difficult things in the course of transportation is not loading and transportation, but correctly executed preliminary package, which will ensure guaranteed quality for subsequent transport. Apartment move sequence of services is approximately the same as in the office moving. In order to put the process of the apartment moving to its initial stage, just call our company's office to arrange a contract. Then, you may start packing yourstuff. All the packages you need for this, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and tape, can be obtained in our stores.   

Furniture transportation causes many different kinds of problems for our customers. We recommend you to perform preliminary dismantling of the furniture and other large interior. Moving companys specialists can do that job quickly and efficiently. They not only perform disassembling and packing of the furniture, but also carry out the subsequent assembly and installation in the new location. Once the job is done,moving companys employees will clean up all the garbage, formed in the apartment after transportation, carrying and handling things. 

With its small fleet of vehicles equipped for transportation of furniture, the SafeSpaceCompany also provides a service of apartments moving in Moscow. Moving with SafeSpace will be very beneficial to customers, who have a need to carry the items to a temporary storage. Because with loading the things that will go to the warehouse first, you will get rid of the need to spend time and money on re-loading.


Finally, some tips for proper packaging and transportation of things: 

  1. Right package provides almost complete safety of things. Containers, which can be purchased in our store, are specially designed for transportation of various assets. 

  2. After packing fragile and valuable things in a special packaging,theyshould be marked, sothe staff, whichcarries out the loading and unloading, knew about the special value of transported cargo. 
  3. Use a special transport from a moving company - it is designed exclusively for the tasks associated with the moving, it is always clean and equipped with special devices, which protect items from potential damage. 

  4. In case of necessity (for example, during repair works in the new apartment), you can use the services of a temporary storage in our warehouse, namely rent boxes for storing things: for the execution time of repair, or for any other time. 

Moving company specialists pay particular attentionto the final stage of apartment move. The floor of the new apartmentwill be covered with cardboard to avoid possible damage during carrying and handling things. Specialists perform assembling of the furniture after unloading and unpacking all transported things. Then the furniture is being properly placed, according to the wishes and recommendations of the client, and cleaning and removal of packages completes relocation to a new residence, organized and implemented with the help of a moving company. 

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