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Pavel Cherkashin

MicrosoftCEO on consumer strategy and online services.

Lifeof a big family in a big city - it's always connected with an inevitably hugeamount of things that we do not want to throw away, but still dont want tokeep them at home. In the U.S. and Europe each metropolis inhabitant has itsown storage box - this is considered as a commonplace. In Moscow, it was a realproblem not to make the mess in our country houses, indeed! A warehouse thatI have seen, did not cause any trust ... SafeSpace - the first high-qualitywarehouse I know in Moscow, with an excellent level of safety and acceptableprices. With them, I have no fear that the valuable things for my family may bein the garbage because of an unexpected termination of the lease term storageor excessive curiosity of the housekeeper. Well done!


Theaterand film actress.
People'sArtiste of the Russian Federation (1996).

Itturned out that I live in a city of endless possibilities. I had no idea thatthere is such service that will solve all my problems and relieve my headacheswhen moving. Sell ​​and give away what you love it is hard and sometimes evenimpossible. There are things that are truly sorry to leave. I want to keep everythingin perfect condition. And there is such a possibility. I tried it by myself andadvise others to make room for new achievements! Cheap, fast, reliable,convenient.