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ARE THERE ANY INNOVATIONS IN THE PROPERTY MARKET? Innovative technologies are important for any modern real estate development business as they help to improve communication with customers, reduce costs and make the projects more efficient; however, they are still not clearly defined. The attendee of the roundtable conference City with a human face tried to define the terms.

Experts divided the innovation development into 4 categories.

1.    Construction innovations, e.g., the use of different materials and technologies, including green and energy efficient technologies.

2.    The second category includes innovations in architecture: the development of faade solutions, effective space planning, etc.

3.    The third innovations in services and marketing. These are unconventional methods of promotion and various forms of interaction among customers, clients and partners of the developer.

4.    The last category includes innovations in the development of the territory and infrastructure of the residential complex, as well as storage services, parking, and so on.

Roundtable attendee decided that the sales system in cooperation with the third-party real estate companies is also innovative. It significantly increases the developers credibility level and pushes up sales.

nnovations in the development of the transportation system were specially mentioned. They allow the developers to complement the projects previously considered unliquid. In particular, it concerns the light rail systems being actively built in many cities around the world. Thanks LRT, it becomes possible to organize off-street rail transport in historic districts and suburbs. Experts believe that such projects will be able available in Moscow in 2025.

Experts noted the importance of the implementation of green technologies that are innovative in nature. They contribute to the development of the market and provide a tangible benefit in the further use of the building.

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