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GOST NO LONGER RECOMMENDS Recently, more than 80% of advertising structures in Russia have become illegal. The breaches are to be remedied by municipalities, advertisers and owners of billboards and various banners throughout the country. It was expected but now the situation has gotten much worse.

The fact is that the Standard, adopted over 10 years ago, had previously been used only as a recommendation. Now, the advertisers will have to carefully follow it. The government has already demanded to bring the advertising in line with the law On Advertising and GOST Standard.

The meeting of the government committee was held in August and it resulted in the appropriate orders to the leaders of the Russian Federation constituent units and municipal governments. So, it is impossible to ignore GOST R 52044-2003 and comply with it only formally. Moreover, MIA will monitor the compliance with the provisions of GOST.

Thus, the authorities put into force the Law On Advertising adopted in last May. The traffic police, who are to deal with illegal advertising structures, cant say how many advertising structures now do not meet the state standards. However, the experts of the advertising industry are sure that this figure may reach 90%. For example, there are specific rules for places where advertising structures are placed in temporary storage. According to GOST, advertising structures are allowed to be placed no closer than 5 m from the curb that separates the road from the lawn, though in many cities most of the structures do not meet the standard.

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