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MOSCOWS VICTORY PARK WELCOMES BUDDHISTS Soon Victory Park (Park Pobedy) will become not only a place of memory but also a site with the first Buddhist temple in Moscow. News agencies announced about the project launch, noting as a primary source of information the State Department responsible for inter-regional cooperation, national policy and relations with religious associations. News source says that the project will be a debut for Moscow and not only important but especially significant since there was not a single Buddhist temple in Moscow up to this day.

Future construction will be a memorial, that is, the temple will become a place where everyone can honor the memory of those who died within the Great Patriotic War. The construction of a symbolic temple is a part of the implementation for a nationwide celebration of the 70th anniversary victory in the Great Patriotic War. The foundation stone of a memorial has been already laid. A solemn ceremony was held during the long weekend in late November when the country celebrated the Unity Day.

The remarkable thing is that there are different religious temples on Poklonnaya Hill: a mosque, a synagogue and an Orthodox church. The idea that there is no place for national and religious strife on the Hill has been long delayed. However, now it comes into fruition: in addition to the memorial Buddhist temple, an Armenian church will be built in the park.

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