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Taking care of the fellow-beings

Taking care of the fellow-beings SafeSpace activity goes beyond just providing storage services for the purpose of commercial gain. We try to make the world a little bit brighter and kinder. Before the New Year, the campaign was launched in order to help the Fund The Promise, which oversees children with various kinds of retardation. 

However, not only children need our support. Animals also suffer from human indifference and want care and attention. Animal Relief Fund Gift of Fate was in a difficult situation: the development of the fund caused great problems they have no place to store equipment for events and other necessary things. SafeSpace came to the rescue offering not just to rent a box but do it at the most beneficial conditions for the fund.

We are very pleased to get so high praise from our customers: "It if difficult to find such a high quality service and maintenance, and we would say, a gentle attitude towards the customers, as this company provides. Thereat, despite our disadvantage in financial terms, the whole staff was very attentive, polite, and responsive (helped with moving, showed and told everything and never shrugged off even when we asked the strangest questions)." Moreover, we guarantee such attitude every SafeSpace customer because first of all, we try to meet all needs of our clients at the highest level.

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