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Construction of a new city block is planned at the station Botanical Garden

Construction of a new city block is planned at the station Botanical Garden In the months ahead, it is planned to build a new city block on the site of the industrial zone of the mirror plant, which is now in the stage of reconstruction. The residential quarter with high-rise buildings will be built near the underground station complex Botanical Garden. In addition to the houses, there will be interchange facilities, compulsory educational institutions, sports complex, and objects for seasonal storage.

Last week, Moscow Land Department, which is also responsible for urban development issues, decided to allocate to the investor the land. The total area under the reconstruction is 0.8 ha. In the quarter, there will be a school for 550 children and several kindergartens designed for 240 children. These objects will be the first in the reconstruction program.

In addition to the interchange facilities, at the station, there will be a shopping center, an office building, a hotel and an intercepting parking lot.

It is also planned to reconstruct the part of industrial territories in the northern part of the district. The area, which will be redesigned, is 10 ha. Here, the construction company Pioneer has promised to build a residential complex with total area of more than 200,000 m2.

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