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Lagerbox is Germanys oldest and most famous self storage company, offering individual storage services in Germany, It was founded in 1997. In present days Lagerbox recites 13 warehouses in Germany. Over the next year the Company plans to open 3 more warehouses.Will become 2nd largest self storage company in Germany (now it takes the 3rd palce). More than 6 000 customers rent over 40 000 square meters and are served by friendly and knowledgeable staff, which creates a special, friendly atmosphere. The Company is part of the property of a Dutch businessman, who is also one of the main advisers of SafeSpace.



METRO offers tens of thousands of high-quality products under one roof. Our assortment is optimized for professional client requests - offices and service businesses, convenience stores, restaurants and cafes, as well as for our clients personal needs. Choosing METRO is the choice of European service and best prices on all the variety of goods.



OBI - In salesrooms of OBI hypermarkets one can find everything one needs for building, repairing, decorating the house, garden and country buildings. OBI offers over 50 000 items and customers can find everything they need to bring their project to life. Demonstration exposures inspire customers to repair and improve their homes, get new ideas for design, teach them how to make their homes more cozy and gardens more beautiful. OBI Hypermarkets provide a comfortable layout and navigation, so the buyer can easily find the right product in the departments of instruments and appliances, building materials, decorative items and products for the garden.



"Miel" holding works on the Russian market since 1990, and operates in all segments of the real estate market. "Miel" network consists of more than 120 offices located in the Moscow region and other Russian cities. It is the largest network of federal estate offices in the country. "Miel" is included in the list of largest Russian companies by the journals FORBES, Finance, and according to the RA "Expert".




"BEST Real Estate" Company was founded in 1992 and today it takes one of the leading places among the professional real estate companies in Moscow. The agency provides a full range of real estate services: purchasing, selling, leasing of residential and commercial real estate, consulting, execution and registration of transactions, mortgaging, repairing, designing and redesigning. "BEST Real Estate" Corporation is an actual member of the Russian Guild of Realtors Association, and the Moscow Guild of Realtors, Realtors Association of the Moscow region, FIABCI. It takes an active part in the organization of professional forums, conferences and exhibitions.



LLC "NDV-Real Estate for You "- is the biggest seller in the Russian real estate market. The company offers a full-service on the secondary housing market, new construction market, mortgaging and leasing markets. "NDV-Real Estate for You" network has 15 offices in Moscow, as well as office buildings at each facility in the Moscow region. In 2012 the company was named "Number One Brand in Russia."


Transkapital BANK - is a universal bank, performing all the main types of banking operations. In terms of assets and capital, the Bank authorized consistently among the 50 largest Russian banks. The Bank is the member of the obligatory deposit insurance.



Cosy house is a club to aid those of us who are willing to make their housing really cozy. With "Cozy house" club card you will be able to purchase a variety of goods and services for arrangement of your home at great discount prices. Clubs Partners are the leading "players" on home products market and travel services.


 "Live Together" is an affiliate program, created to help newcomers to deal with the repairing and equipping of a new apartment as soon as possible.


"Freight Company" is a moving company that specializes in trucking industry on Moscow market for many years. The Companys services assortment includes: furniture transporting (including furniture packaging), moving to a new home in the shortest time with maximum comfort for our favorite clients, relocation of firms and companies, as well as related transportation services that are somehow related to furniture freighting.

"Rumyantsevo" Business Park is a multifunctional business complex, located close to the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road and the Kievsky highway. In BP "Rumyantsevo" there is a large shopping complex, which accommodates a huge amount of clothes shops, shoes shops, various machinery and equipment shops, has its own medical center and a pharmacy, fitness center, beauty salon, sauna, as well as cafes and restaurants.