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What is individual storage?

People accumulate more things than their flat can store. There are numerous offices and companies with small areas in which there is no space for extra furniture and archives. Individual storage service - the most convenient solution for seasonal or permanent storage for both private clients and small and medium-sized companies.

Why would I store my belongings with SafeSpace?

SafeSpace is partner with Lagerbox company, which is one of the largest German companies, offering individual storage service. We do know our business and take care of our customers. For 8 other reasons to choose SafeSpace as your favorite storage company: WHY SafeSpace.

I heard about the rule 10:1, what is it?

How do we know which size of box do you need? In fact, it is pretty easy: you just need to divide the area of your home, apartment or office by 10, and then you get the area that you need. You can also use our calculator, which is situated in the section SafeSpace for individuals or SafeSpace for companies. Of course, we will always help you to find the optimal space you need.  Please come to our office, call us or send us an email, we are always happy to service you!

For how long can I rent a box?

Minimum rental period one week,  maximum - as long as you need. We provide discounts for those customers who rent a box for a long time or pay for a certain period of time ahead. Your contract will be automatically renewed every month.

Can I change my box to another one with a different size at any time, or change theterms of the lease?

You always have the opportunity to change your box to another, smaller or larger in size. Just come to our office and our managers will take care of everything. This procedure is free of charge and will only take very little time.

Are my belongings realy safe?

Our warehouses are protected by a whole complex of security systems. All our boxes and doors are equipped with sensors and alarms. Each client receives personal electronic key with which they can get in the warehouse first, and then to their personal box. Each box is equipped with an infrared detector and a motion detector. In addition, each client will have its own padlock. In addition all, our locations are guarded round the clock, which, in combination with our internal security systems, provides an unprecedented level of security. Our warehouses are well heated in winter and kept cool in summer time. In SafeSpace your belongings will be stored clean, dry and safe!

What is the cost of storage?

The cost depends on the size of storage box that you need. Once you have decided which size of box you need, our manager will calculate the total cost of your storage, based on the lowest price. We offer several interesting discounts!

What are the payment options?

We accept cash, non-cash payments, and credit cards. You can download and printout a receipt for payment via Sberbank. Please select the desired format: PDF or Word. We offer you to pay very comfortably via our website, fully secured and safe.

When should I warn you that I do not want to use SafeSpace services anymore?

Customers can stop using our services and terminate the contract at any time, just inform us about it in advance, at least 2 weeks before.

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